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  • Patreon members get exclusive rewards each month
  • Patrons get an hour of early access  before every shop update!
  • Get behind the scenes content, tutorials and more!
  • Flexible pricing! Join whatever tier suits you best, or make your own!
  • Patrons get priority for special discounts and shop rewards
  • Patrons get monthly previews of all new candles weeks before they're released!

Patreon is a way to support your favorite creators and get involved in a close knit community! You choose a monthly subscription based on the corresponding rewards you would like, and then all past and present content is unlocked! Get tips, tricks, and behind the scenes info directly on how I run my shop and make the candles!

All rewards on Patreon are completely exclusive, you can't get them anywhere else! Each month has a different theme as voted by patrons and all rewards are based on that theme. You can sign up anytime within the month to receive that month's specific rewards! All monthly rewards are shipped the first week of the following month.

Super supporters get the patreon exclusive candle, the exclusive themed print, and the matching stickers. Prints and stickers are never sold in the main shop, so this is the only way to get them! The candle is the same monthly theme and matches all of the other rewards.