Our Sustainability Pledge

2020 Tree Count:
260 Trees! 

2021 Tree Count:
5 trees
(as of 1/22/21)

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Our Partnership

A proud reforestation partner

High Noon Studios LLC has been a partner of the non-profit One Tree Planted since September 1, 2020. We are proud to support an organization that aligns so strongly with our values. 

Our Commitment

Every order placed in the High Noon Studios Shop plants a tree! Donations are made weekly on every Tuesday after each update, and the official tree count is updated the same day. Each month the location of our donations changes, you can follow along on social media to see where the trees are being planted each month!

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The Goal

Trees are essential to the health and biodiversity of our planet. With all the harm caused and the effects of global warming increasing, the reforestation of trees around the world is more important than ever

Step 1

Each donation made gets collected and pooled online

Step 2

Planting partners in each location plant saplings during the rainy season of the year

Step 3

Trees are maintained and monitored, and an impact report is generated

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